Disappearing Act

You may or may n to have noticed an absence here. If you did notice, I apologize for taking so long to put up this little explanation. None of my posts have been deleted, they simply have been set to private for now.

I’ve been having a lot of changes in my personal life, positive changes – so nothing to be worried about! However, I feel that at this time I need to make my online presence a little smaller for the moment.

I have had increasingly less time to spend on the blog. Between work, family, and friends this blog must be the thing placed on the back burner during busy times. I’m not blogging to earn money and I have no dreams or desires to do so. I’ve kept this space because I enjoy writing and enjoy it as a hobby. I was naive when I started blogging, but then through having this I have made so many wonderful friends.

This break I am taking may be short – it could be weeks – or it could be longer. I don’t know the answer to that as many things are out of my hands at this point.

I still have an instagram and a twitter. Please feel free to still follow along with what I’m up to on those mediums if you would like! I’ve changed my names on there because it is easier to merge my personal life and blog life that way.

I haven’t stopped working out or focusing on my health. If you didn’t know I do have a closed Facebook group. The settings are so that if you post anything it will not show  up on your newsfeed. Sometimes the group is very active, sometimes not, but you are welcome to join and we can stay in touch and updated through there also.

Non-Scale Victories:

I have felt strongly about the importance of recognizing NSVs. Especially if you have a lot of weight to lose these can be helpful, in my opinion. I had been hosting a linkup weekly. If anyone reading this is interesting in now hosting that link-up I would be happy to talk with you and if you’d like to host for awhile that is great and if multiple wanting to then can always have co-hosts.

In short, this isn’t goodbye forever, at least I hope not. I need to take a break and keep things private for a little and then once I determine some things I can move from there.

To all the friends I’ve met and all the people who have helped me to this point – I thank you greatly.