Non-Scale Victories Linkup

I’m struggling to get back into my routine blogging. Work is busy, which is a good thing, and I’ve been making time to get to the gym, training Bear and spending time with him and then it seems like all the hours in a day are spent. I can only imagine how busy moms are!

This week things have been going well. I’ve been on track, but my motivation lessened a little bit. The “honeymoon phase” is over, haha. But, to keep things interesting I’m trying new recipes, keeping things fresh!

I’ve also been challenging myself at the gym more. It is funny because on Tuesday when I was working out at bootcamp the trainer, who was not my normal trainer, mentioned in conversations multiple times about me being athletic. Me? Athletic? I don’t look in the mirror and use that adjective to describe myself.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. ”
– anonymous

I’m a former athlete. I was a swimmer through college and I know how much hard work goes into the sport, but sometimes I have a hard time believing that girl and I are the same person now. The truth is that I do have an athlete hiding within. I’ve been going to a gym now for awhile and the improvement is great. My struggle has been in the kitchen, but I’ve realized this week that I’ve become a little complacent in my workouts. I was doing a lot of the same things and not really taking it up a level.

Well, today at work I had trouble raising my arms. I’m feeling it. I’m pushing harder and trying new things. Sure, I’m not perfect at it, but I’m trying. I am learning the modifiers as needed and I’m finding that I’m far more capable of things than I thought. I will note that at the gym there are trainers who show how to do things first. If you are new to working out and working to lose weight I would highly recommend speaking to a professional to learn proper form so you don’t hurt yourself!

My Non-Scale Victory this week is killing it at the gym. Going outside my comfort zone and trying new things!

What is your NSV this week?


Weekly Weigh In- Week 3

I know, I’m a day late posting and I’m sorry about that! I weighed in Sunday and I lost .6 this week. Hey, I will take any loss at this point. I’m still headed in the right direction. I had 2 big losses in the previous week and I knew I was retaining water this week so I’m happy to see any loss.


I definitely struggled the most this past week since rejoining. I still stayed within my points, but I could have made some better choices. I have a bad history of not eating enough during the day and then going crazy when I get home from work. I definitely need to watch the evening and nighttime snacks, they little bites here and there add up!

My goal for the week is to focus on dividing my points more evenly throughout the day. Making sure I don’t get to the point where I feel ravenous when I come home. Also, to try and curb the urge to late night snack I’m adding more veggies to my dinner to give myself more food, but in a healthy way.

Right now it is still about breaking old habits that I fell back into and that takes time. I’m happy that I’ve lost 11.2 pounds in the past 3 weeks and I’m proud of myself for keeping it up and holding myself accountable.

Keeping this short today, but I hope everyone is staying warm!

Non-Scale Victories

I’m in week 3 of my return to Weight Watchers where I’m really on track and I can honestly say that I’m trying. I’ve been counting my points, tracking them, measuring out portions for every meal, but the struggle is real. I still want to eat the pizza at the office party, I want to have those homemade brownies a co-worker brought in. When I come home after a long day it is tempting to eat junk because I’m stressed, tired, lonely. . . whatever it may really be.

As time passes and I fall into my new routines I know that some things will get easier, but I also know that I will struggle with food for the rest of my life. The mental struggle is the hardest part and I’ve learned after all this time that if I don’t address the mental aspect then I will continue to slide back.

Sometimes I think we all need a reminder of what is important. The scale can bring so much pressure. I’ve had 2 great weeks of weight loss and now this week what if the scale doesn’t move? You know, it is possible and it isn’t the end of the world. However, I put pressure on myself and when I have those weeks where the scale isn’t moving I feel like a failure and want to throw in the towel. But the scale isn’t the ultimate measure of success.

I post this quote all the time, but it is my favorite:

“The scale can’t measure your will, your drive, how much time you put into your food plan, or how many temptations you said no to. It can’t tell how many old habits you broke or new, healthier habits you started. It doesn’t know the effort you put in at the gym , and it doesn’t care. It won’t  heap praise on you because you chose the stairs over the elevator or know that you passed on a slice of a colleague’s birthday cake even though you wanted it with all your heart.

Most of all, the scale doesn’t have any idea how hard you’re trying, or how many times you overcame a slip and got back on track when you felt like giving it all up together. Only you know that.” – Kim Bensen, “Finally Thin”

I’m trying. I’m back on track and whether it is a good week or not on the scale I avoided those office brownies. I didn’t go crazy at the office pizza party. I packed my lunch every day and didn’t order in Chinese with others. I’ve had a great week of non-scale victories and I’ll celebrate what I can. I have a long journey and it is the little changes that will get me there, sooner or later.

What is your non-scale victory this week?

Weekly Weigh In – Week 2

Last week ended up being far busier than I expected! Isn’t that how it always works? You make plans and craziness always seems to happen. Everything is great, but the blog takes a back burner to life and I didn’t have a chance to update more last week. I’m really working on getting back into the groove and habit of posting because it does help me to reflect on my progress and struggles while also being held accountable so I’m going to make more of an effort this week!

What really helped me last week was that I did plan my meals for the week on the weekend. When the week got crazy I didn’t have to think about meals, I knew what I had prepared or shopped for. It made life so much easier!

I’m happy to report that I lost 2.8 pounds this week!



I’m feeling good still and it helps to have had a big loss in the beginning because it always feels good when you are doing well. It encourages me to keep it up because I want to see more 5 pound stickers! Baby steps.

Last week I could have improved on the exercise front. I made it to the gym only once, I normally have my class twice a week. With the weather I also didn’t get out as much as I should have with Bear. He did a lot of running around in the yard and a lot of playtime in the house, but with the temperatures he didn’t have as many walks as I would like to give him.

So my goal this week is to focus on adding in more activity to my day. I work at a desk and read and research basically all day long. I need to get moving more. I need to take more stairs and take a little break in the day to go for a walk. I’ll continue to focus on my food and weigh, track, and measure, but not I’m going to try and move a little more.

Hope you all had a good week!

Weekly Weigh In – Week 1

Week 1 of my restart is over and I’m feeling great! I may have had my biggest weight loss in one week ever! I lost 7.8 pounds this week!

week1weighinI attend a Sunday morning meeting and above is from my official weigh in. I feel great! It is wonderful to see the scale move in the right direction again finally. Obviously, the first week you do lose a lot of water weight so you can have big numbers. Realistically I know that I will have much smaller numbers from here on out and that it will be a long journey, but well worth it.

This week what made me successful were 3 main things:

  1. Weighing
  2. Measuring
  3. Tracking

Everything that I ate this past week was weighed, measured, and tracked. I really focused on portion control and being mindful of the types of food and whether or not other foods were really worth it.

I did workout a few times last week. I went to the gym twice and of course was out walking Bear when it wasn’t too cold. I plan on adding in more activity as time goes, but for now I really am focusing on my food choices. You can’t out run your fork and in the past when I’ve been successful at the gym I haven’t necessarily been successful in the kitchen and so I personally really need to focus on that. Eating is 80% of losing weight and so I am working on it and will build from there.

This week I will continue to weigh, measure, and track my food so that I keep myself aware of portions and how much I am eating. I also am making it a goal to try at least one new recipe this week to keep it fresh.

All in all, it was an awesome week. I’m feeling motivated and ready to make week 2 wonderful also. How was your week?