NSV Linkup

Well, it’s been over a week and I still can’t shake this sickness that I’ve caught. I haven’t had a voice the last 2-3 days and for a talker like me that has been really rough. Work is also a challenge when people call me and my responses are unable to be heard well. I’m on antibiotics and not contagious so I’ve been working, but feeling miserable. However, I feel better today than yesterday so I’m definitely on the mend, it is just annoying. It is annoying when you feel momentum and are goal oriented to get back on track and then feel like you lose all that momentum because of something. I was working out 3-4 times a week and while recovering I haven’t been able to do much. Oh well, we all get sick and we all have to take time to recover. It is that time of year I suppose.

My week has been pretty uneventful as I have been taking it easy to fully recover so I don’t have a NSV from this particular week.

However, this week I did celebrated my 2 year mark after having given up pop! I was addicted to diet coke. I would grab a can in the morning and call it breakfast and have several other diet cokes throughout the day. In law school I said it was my coffee because I don’t drink coffee, but I drank it to major excess. I know I’ve written about it before, but my family and friends never thought they’d live to see the day that I didn’t drink it and now here I am 2 years later.

I have a long way to go. I lose weight, gain, lose, gain… but these little changes that I have been able to make permanent is great. It is a healthy lifestyle change and something I’ve made permanent in my life. I haven’t drank any sort of pop in 2 years. I drink only water (and the occasional alcoholic beverage). I am capable of  changes and sticking to things. This victory I have to remember. It was a difficult personal challenge, but I stuck to it and didn’t give in to those cravings. Now, 2 years later I need so desperately to have that carry over into my other eating habits. I can do it and will do it, even if it takes me several more years!

So today I’ll celebrate my 2 years of no pop anniversary as my NSV. What’s yours?


Welcome Back

How was your Thanksgiving?

I had a great time with my family and tried not to go overboard eating. I made sure to have a lot of vegetables on my plate and limit some of the extras. I did allow myself some of my favorite pumpkin pie because I only eat that once a year. Overall I could have done better with my eating, but I’m not going to sit around and feel guilty about it. The holiday is centered around food and as long as I don’t let the eating continue for the whole week or weeks then it is ok.

I didn’t post at all last week. I had intentions to, but I was sick and the blog fell to the bottom of the priority list. I had to miss some work and with that also missed workouts. It is important to let your body recover though. I’m still not feeling the greatest, but slowly but surely getting better. I take various metabolic steroids for a condition I have and when I have infections I have to increase my dosages so I’ve been working with that as well. Also, I’m doing ok, but I was involved in a car accident last week as well. I was a passenger in the backseat when we were rear ended while we were waiting at a stoplight. The driver who hit us told us that her foot slipped and thus she did not break and slammed into us. Thankfully everyone seems to be doing ok. I have some soreness, but things could have been a lot worse so I’m very thankful that we are ok.

Now that the holiday is over it is time to be focused and work on getting through the Christmas season. There will be a lot of cookies, office parties, and general temptations everywhere. When I work out I seem to stay on track the best. Currently I am recovering and couldn’t exercise today at the gym, but I will try to walk more and get myself moving. Walking Henry is great exercise and as long as I’m moving a little that is better than sitting on the couch. My goal for this Post-Thanksgiving week is to get some exercise in each day, even if it is a little extra walking, and tracking my food. Tracking is so very important and I do much better when I’m tracking so it is back to entering my points into my notebook. I slacked on entering things this weekend and that stops today.

Baby steps. Walk more and track food. Those are my goals for the week. What are yours?

Non-Scale Victories

“The scale can’t measure behavior or determination, two things that are much more important to long-term weight loss than the numbers themselves. So the scale cannot be the only measure we use to feel successful.”

Who has a Non-Scale Victory this week?

I’m proud of myself this week. A new week and I’ve returned to Weight Watchers. I’ll post more on that decision and why I personally like WW later, but it was hard to go back after regaining, but I’m glad to have some added support and accountability again.

Sunday I returned to my old meeting and then right after I went to the pool. It was rough. I haven’t swam consistently in a long time and my arms were killing me not even 400m in. It was insane and ultimately I know that by being lazy and skipping the pool I set myself up for that. I definitely have lost all endurance when it comes to swimming. In the end I got maybe a little over 1800m or so in the hour. I love swimming and it is a great form of exercise because it is low impact.

I like to change up my workouts though. I like to swim to help with endurance, cardio, stretching my muscles, and if I’m sore and don’t think I can do impact workouts then it is a great alternative. I am going to work my way up to swimming 3 times a week again, baby steps. Other than swimming, this week I’ve been doing some circuit training at bootcamp and also a little t25. For t25 I like to burn around 300 calories and at the gym my goal is to always hit 500 in the hour. I wear a polar heart rate monitor and track with that. I find that wearing it and checking in motivates me to push harder sometimes when I see that I’m close to my goal and want to break past it.

In addition to getting back into varying my workouts, and working out more than twice a week, I’ve been tracking all my points. It really is crucial to track throughout the day, or pre-track if I can, so I can see where I stand and make better food choices.

I’ve been so down on my self and ashamed for having continued my negative cycle and regaining weight, but I’m feeling good. Only has been a few days, but I’m proud that I’ve recommitted and making positive plans!


The Last meal

Have you ever sat around with your friends and discussed what would be your last meal if you were on death row? Or maybe I am just weird because I’ve definitely had that conversation more than once.

Similar to the unlikely last meal on death row scenario, I think that a lot of us who struggle with losing weight have a last meal before the diet starts. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I know I wrote a post about this way back. Since that post I’ve lost and gained, lost and gained. Obviously I don’t have this figured out yet because it’s been such a struggle, but I think that is common. I returned to Weight Watchers again this Sunday and it was rough going back because I was worried about the judgment from regaining, but I was again reminded that my leader had to return several times before finally reaching her goal weight. Weight loss has clicked for me before in the past. I know what I need to do and now I am in a good place and have the motivation to continue on.

Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t consider a “last meal” this weekend. It’s funny how you think about it and can rationalize this splurge. Would you want a heavy Italian dish like fettuccini alfredo or would you go for a dessert like cheesecake? It’s such an unhealthy thing, mentally and physically, this idea of a last meal.

Why do we do this? Or maybe not even we, why do I?

It starts everything off on a bad note. By thinking you can have this big splurge and then be really, really good and lose weight it is like you are telling yourself you can’t eat good food in a while. The idea that you will be deprived of the enjoyment of food. It makes the diet seem more like a punishment and not what it really is, a healthy change.

You aren’t saying goodbye to the foods you love forever. Everything in moderation is fine. But, first you have to learn how to eat in moderation. I’ve struggled with this as I’m often an all or nothing person. I’ve struggled with bingeing and the shame that follows, which inevitably seems to spiral into completely going off track and having several “last meals.”

So if you are like me and starting over and having a fresh start, consider not having that last big meal. Instead, make a plan. Where will you be tracking your food? Are you counting calories? Points? How will you hold yourself accountable? What meals will you have this week? Make a grocery list, prep, and plan your meals for that whole first week. Go into the change prepared. Make healthier meals that you know you like so the transition is not as difficult and you are less tempted to dial for pizza.

It takes time for the body to stop craving the junk. But, once you are eating healthy again you feel so much better. I always can feel that I have more energy and just generally better about myself when I’m eating better and exercising.

If we splurge on that last meal it will just make it more difficult to start again. That meal turns into two, into the whole weekend, into why not just wait until after the holidays to start. . . . I get it. I’ve been there. I am there. But, I’m confident that I, and anyone reading this, can be successful. So make a plan and start today!

Non-Scale Victories Linkup

Finally, the NSV linkup is back!

This linkup was inspired after I read the following passage from “Finally Thin” by Kim Bensen.

“We measure the progress of our diets by the numbers on the scale. For that brief moment in time, this is what this machine on this particular floor in a room with this specific air pressure says. That’s it. Nothing more.

The scale can’t measure behavior or determination, two things that are much more important to long-term weight loss than the numbers themselves. So the scale cannot be the only measure we use to feel successful.

The scale can’t measure your will, your drive, how much time you put into your food plan, or how many temptations you said no to. It can’t tell how many old habits you broke or new, healthier habits you started. It doesn’t know the effort you put in at the gym , and it doesn’t care. It won’t  heap praise on you because you chose the stairs over the elevator or know that you passed on a slice of a colleague’s birthday cake even though you wanted it with all your heart.

Most of all, the scale doesn’t have any idea how hard you’re trying, or how many times you overcame a slip and got back on track when you felt like giving it all up together. Only you know that.

Every time you get on the scale, take a minute to measure what’s really important  especially your behavior and your effort. We all get zapped by the scale from time to time. It’s inevitable. But even if you feel as if the scale gave you a D for weight this week, give yourself an A for effort when you’ve had a fabulously successful week. I promise you, that effort will show up at the scale eventually.” – Kim Bensen

For all of us struggling it is important to celebrate the little victories along the way. So if you’ve had an NSV write a post and linkup or share it in the comments! Visit as many other pages as you can and offer support.