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I hope everyone had an amazing holiday! I know that for me it was challenging. We had 16 people for dinner at my mom’s house and there was all sorts of food. I talked with my mom beforehand was able to plan what I was going to eat, but the temptations were everywhere! From the appetizers to cookies, I had to mentally remind myself that I didn’t need the extras.

I was determined to stay on track and not overindulge. I didn’t want to let the food be my primary focus. I wanted to focus on family and the wonderful memories that we were making. It is so great having little kids in the family again. I have 2 young nieces and they had such an amazing time. Watching them open their gifts was adorable. Christmas is so much more fun when you have little ones around, I think.

So, I enjoyed a wonderful time with my amazing family. I truly am blessed. My sisters are my best friends, I have a great extended family, and the amount of love in the room was visible. Family is the most important.
Of course, thinking of family, I want to ensure that I will be healthy to be able to spend many, many more holidays with them. So, I’m continuing to focus on my health. For dinner my mother had made Chicken Marsala, but kept some plain chicken to the side. So I enjoyed chicken, a potato, and peas as my main course. I stayed away from the dinner rolls and limited myself to 2 cookies. Christmas Day was worse for me because I had brunch in the morning and then dinner I had ham, a little bit of rigatoni with a meatball, broccoli, and a small piece of cake, it is my grandmother’s recipe and we don’t eat it often at all.

All in all, I think I did a really good job on the food front. This whole Christmas season I’ve had 4 Christmas cookies, yes I was keeping a count. That is a huge victory for me! Honestly, I’m proud that I didn’t go crazy around those chocolate chips. Also, I consistently kept up with my workouts! I’ve continued to do my T25 workouts each day and I’m sure getting moving these past 2 days helps!  I declined taking home any leftovers, so no more tempting cookies or food around. I’m back to my normal schedule and I’m feeling good about things.

There was nothing to eat, either at Christmas Eve dinner or all Christmas Day, that I’m disappointed I didn’t have. I feel satisfied. I had a great Christmas filled with love and family. I’m happy that I could stay pretty on track and avoid the added temptations. In the end, it isn’t worth it. I hope to continue to fight off temptations as I work to build these healthier habits and routines. I’m well on my way, I’d say!

christmas1How did you do this week? What is your Non-Scale Victory?



  1. Excellent victories especially being around that much temptation! Hope you had a very merry Christmas! Looks like lots of love in your family!
    Des recently posted…A Fresh StartMy Profile

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! And great job avoiding all those temptations! That’s truly an awesome job! Hope you had a very, Merry Christmas!
    Des recently posted…A Fresh StartMy Profile

  3. That is awesome! Good job!
    Kristin recently posted…Learning when to take a breakMy Profile


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