Weekly Weigh In – 12/30/13

Sometimes people ask me why I follow Weight Watchers over other programs. I go because I find the system easy to follow and I enjoy the meetings. I like the opportunity to connect with others who are going through the same things as me or have successfully already reached their goal. I really like the group at my meetings. They are an amazing bunch and a lot of the people who attend have successfully lost 80+ pounds. I often feel inspired when I leave.

I noticed that when I skipped the meetings I fell off the wagon. I returned in mid-November and since then I have been doing really well and have had a loss each week. I am really hard on myself sometimes that I left and allowed myself to fall off the wagon, but as my Weight Watchers leader, who lost 92 pounds to reach goal, reminded me – she joined and left Weight Watchers 5 times before it clicked and she lost the weight. I think it is pretty common that we have good times and bad. We click at different times. So far I’ve been doing really well this past 6 weeks or so. I am hoping I keep this up!

As I shared in my Non-Scale Victories post, I did a great job avoiding temptations this past week. I said no to the foods I really didn’t need and kept up with my workouts. The results definitely showed on the scale.

Week 3 

Results = – 3.4 pounds

Total challenge loss = 10.4 pounds

I lost 3.4 pounds the week of Christmas. I think that is pretty awesome. I am proud of myself! Now, I just need to get through New Year’s Eve and I will have survived the holiday season!

My strategy for New Year’s Eve is to enjoy myself. One night will not make or break my weight loss. I am hosting the party this year and I will make sure I eat healthy that day and then I am not going to stress about it. I will enjoy the night and then get back into my schedule the next day. What is your plan for getting through the end of the holiday season?


  1. I’ve tried Weight Watchers online a few times. For me, it was just too easy to not track what I ate. I think that meetings would keep me more honest.
    Lisa recently posted…Army Wife First World ProblemsMy Profile

    • Yes, I find that meetings really help me personally. When I didn’t go I would find myself avoiding weighing in at home and I was just not as committed. For me it helps and works at the moment. We all just need to find what works for us individually.

  2. That IS awesome!!!! Way to go with that loss!

    Christmas was the hard part for me, hopefully New Years will breeze by and the weight that I did gain throughout Dec will be back off in no time!
    Des recently posted…So glad it’s the weekend!My Profile

    • Thank you!

      I struggled more with new years, but I’m just writing it off as a bad day and moving on. One day won’t make or break my journey, in my opinion. So many people gain during the holidays, but thankfully they are behind us now and we can move on! 2014 will be our year!

  3. That is so AWESOME that you lost 3.4 lbs the week of Christmas! You may be one of the only ones who can say that they lost, not gained, this time of year. Way to go!
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  4. It’s so HARD to lose weight during Christmas! I lost about 2 pounds last week!
    Keep going girl!
    You got this!!! You’re an inspiration!
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  5. Wow! 3.4 pounds is amazing no matter what kind of week it is! Awesome job!

  6. That is a great week!! Congrats on your loss :)

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