Weekly Weigh In – 12/23/13

don't wish for it, work for it
When you have a lot of weight to lose, like myself, you may find yourself wishing that progress would be quicker. Well, I’m sure even if you only had 10 pounds to lose you wish it was quicker also. But, we can wish all we want. Nothing will change unless we make a change.

During the Fall I really struggled. I gained back some of the weight that I lost. I wish now that I had been better last year. I wish that I had stuck with it. I wish that I had been better at committing and sticking to changes. Wish that I didn’t let stress affect me the way it does. I wish…I wish…

Working for it is what I need to do. I have to say that lately I have really been working for it. I’m really proud of myself and the changes I’m making. Since I recommitted to everything and returned to Weight Watchers in mid-November I’ve seen a loss on the scale each week. I’ve been tracking, exercising, and resisting the numerous holiday temptations. I’m feeling great!

I really didn’t want to lose my motivation during the holiday season so I joined a shakeology December challenge. For the next several weeks I’m sharing my progress while I complete the T25 workout DVDs. I will also be updating on my instagram my daily progress with the workouts. I failed a little doing it last week, but to hold myself accountable I will be doing it again this week. Feel free to follow along!

Week 2 

Results = – 1.6 pounds

Total challenge loss = 7 pounds

After a big loss last week I am not surprised that my loss went down this week. My body is adjusting to everything, I’m sure. I also did not hit the workouts as hard this week. Not for lack of trying, but I have plantar fasciitis and it was giving me a lot of problems this week so I needed to be careful with it and it is always best to listen to your body and distinguish between bad pain and good pain, in my opinion.

What I’ve really done well with this past week was meal planning. Having my meals figured out ahead of time has helped with my busy schedule. I don’t have a problem having the same lunch everyday, in fact I probably prefer the routine most days. I found a groove of foods that work for me, at least for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Dinner can still use improvement, but baby steps. I’m still staying under my calories/points and I am not feeling deprived or having any bad cravings.

Sure, I still wish that I could snap my fingers and be my ideal weight, but that isn’t going to happen. It will only come from hard work. So, I’m working on it. It will take time, but I’m going to keep at it for as long as it takes!


  1. You’re doing great! Congrats on this loss these past two weeks! Love the new (newer?) signature – very cute!
    Kristin recently posted…Upcycled Sweater Christmas StockingsMy Profile

  2. Great job this week Katie! I’m also struggling with a bad P.F. flare up. In fact, I’m starting physical therapy today to see if I can get some relief. Keep up the fantastic work!
    Desiree recently posted…Non-update updateMy Profile

    • Thank you! PF really hurts, huh? I have exercises that I do for mine too. I do a lot of stretching before I get out of bed in the morning and then roll my foot over a frozen water bottle at times during the day and that seems to help also. Hope yours feels better soon!

  3. Congrats, Katie! Awesome job, especially neck deep in the holiday season!

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