Happy Easter & Goals for the Week

“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful.  It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” – unknown

siblingsI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have one amazing family. I really am blessed to be close to all my siblings. I love that we all live close to each other, I even live with my one sister (Audrey, far left). There is only a 5 year age difference between my brother, the oldest, and Audrey, the youngest. My  parents may have been a little insane because they graduated law school, started working, got married, and then had 4 kids all in the 80s. Yeah, they say that decade was a blur, haha.

It may have been a little chaotic when we were little and times were not always perfect. We fought as all siblings do and had our fair share of disagreements, but we are all very close now. I consider them my best friends. I guess we have some pretty great parents to thank. They must not have done too bad of a job if they were are able to raise 4, relatively successful, adults. Education has always been important to them and they raised a real estate appraiser, lawyer, biomedical engineer, and an occupational therapist, respectively. Not too shabby for careers, but more importantly we are all kind and loving individuals. At least I think so, haha.  Spending time at the holidays when we are all together in one room always makes me appreciate everyone so much more. I love my family and I’m so thankful that I get to be a part of it.

parentsI’m Catholic, therefore Easter is our major religious holiday. I’ve always enjoyed Easter and our many family traditions. When we were younger we would spend it with my paternal grandparents, but after my last grandmother passed in 2008 we’ve stayed in Pittsburgh and celebrated at our house. We still follow the Polish traditions. My dad bakes bread from scratch usually on good Friday. Now my nieces are the little helpers who help punch the bread and prepare it. We dye eggs and then prepare items of our Easter meal to be blessed in a basket. We all then go to Mass on Sunday morning and come home to brunch. First, we all share part of a blessed egg. My father as the patriarch of the family goes to each member, in order of age, and shares a blessing. Everyone then has a piece of the egg before eating any other food.

Then you can enjoy any treats you want that were left from the Easter Bunny.

easter basketsThe Easter Bunny was very generous to my nieces this year. They received a lot of goodies and toys. I guess they’ve been pretty good lately! I also was lucky that the Bunny brought my some Quest Bars this year.

easterbasketktIt is a good thing that I was given mainly healthy treats in my basket because I need to be on track this week. I was not good this weekend. I threw a baby shower for my friend on Saturday and snacked on too many treats there and then definitely overindulged on Easter day. It is ok, I knew this weekend was going to be a little crazy for me, so now I need to plan for the week ahead.

So my weekly goals:

I’m going to go to track my food daily, not eat out meals and make sure to pack my lunch for work nightly and exercise 6 days this week. The plan is:

Monday – Bootcamp in evening

Tuesday Swim in morning/c25k in evening

Wednesday – Swim in morning

Thursday – Swim in morning/c25k in evening

Friday – rest

Saturday – Swim in morning/c25k in afternoon

Sunday – bootcamp

Now off to start a great week!

Hope you had a great easter!



  1. It was lovely to read about your easter with your family. I think most of us went off track at some point this weekend and now today is about getting refocused :)
    Sarah with love recently posted…returning to what you knowMy Profile

  2. Nice work on the healthy treats, Easter Bunny!
    I love the picture of your pup.
    Meg B recently posted…Take This Sinking Boat and Point It Home/Weekend RecapMy Profile

  3. Looks like a wonderful Easter and you have a great plan in place for this coming week! Did Henry enjoy Easter as well?! Looks like he did!
    Des recently posted…First Tennis Match and my Tennis WishlistMy Profile

  4. I love all your Easter pics!
    Aimee recently posted…Wednesday Weigh In–First Week Back on the ScaleMy Profile

  5. What a lovely family! Wow, you and your siblings are all so successful!! (I work at an engineering university with biomed as a major, love to hear about succesful biomedical engineers!) Sounds like a really great Easter.
    Kelly recently posted…NSV ThursdayMy Profile

    • Thank you! That is cool that you work at a university, definitely a difficult major! She did boomed as an undergrad and now is a few months shy of her bioengineering phd. I couldn’t do it!

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