I can feel the draw. . .

I had a great weekend with friends. I helped host a bridal shower for one of my closest friends and it was a great time. There is a group of 6 of us that have been best friends since middle school and when I think about how long it has been now it doesn’t seem real. We are getting old!

With spending great time with friends I overindulged on food, definitely. I went completely off. I didn’t track or write anything down. Poor choices.

It only kept escalating as the weekend progressed. I had the mentality of “oh well I’ve already ruined the day so whats one more…” but the problem is that it didn’t stop at the end of the day, it carried on to the next. It is frustrating.

I know what works for me and what I need to do. But, I have to not be lazy and actually put in the work. The pool I go to was being renovated so I wasn’t swimming and I was busy or it was raining so I didn’t do any more c25k and yeah so I was pretty lazy this Friday – Sunday.

The scale definitely reflected all this. By Monday morning I was up 4 pounds. Sure, I am aware that a lot may be water weight and will come off no problem, but it was a wake up call. I don’t want to slip back. I don’t want to be drawn back into my old habits.

Nothing about my journey is perfect, but I know my cycles and habits and how I sabotage myself. It stops now. I’m not letting it progress anymore and spent Monday back on track and I’m going to stop giving into the temptations and get back to work.

I have been really into the band Bastille lately (and excited that I will see them live for my birthday) and they have this song “The Draw” and it came on and I found myself really listening to the lyrics. My own spin on them and my interpretation I feel like I can relate.

I feel the draw of my old habits and old life. I’m recognizing that I need to take a step and stop letting things pull me back . I can do this. My next goal is to reach a loss of 60 pounds and I will hit it!

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  1. Lesson learned over the weekend! (I recently had a similar weekend!). Now tighten up the eating and move on!!! You’ve got this!!!!
    MaryFran recently posted…Exercise excuses….seven minutes???My Profile

  2. Shake it off! You’ve got this!
    Meg B recently posted…Winter is ComingMy Profile

  3. Oh yea, I’ve had those weekends! Just get back on the ole proverbial horse and keep kicking booty! You will hit that 60 pound mark!
    Des recently posted…Weekly recapMy Profile

  4. The next time you want to eat junk, try to stop the knee-jerk reaction long enough to think back to TODAY, and how you feel today. Then take a few deep breaths, count to 10, and then choose. :)
    Gwen recently posted…Positive AttitudesMy Profile

  5. You will hit that mark KT. Everyone is allowed to fall off the wagon/horse.
    It’s recognizing that you can get back on that matters!
    Joie_Fatale recently posted…Buy All the Things Thursday!My Profile

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