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I’m about 53 pounds into my weight loss journey and that is a great accomplishment, but I have a long way to go! I have found that thinking about the big picture is intimidating and overwhelming.  It helps to celebrate all the little victories and accomplishments along the way to keep me motivated. It is easy to become discouraged when you think about how long it will take and want to throw in the towel. When discouraged sometimes it feels like if you will always be fat then why not eat the foods you enjoy. The truth is my life won’t be better if I give up, so the trick now is to stay motivated!

So, I’m celebrating my victories. My victory this week I already shared. I  posted about completing my first week of the C25k app, but that is huge victory for me at the moment. Running really intimidates me. I gave the app a try last year, but had so many problems with my PF and was told by my doctor at the time to let it heal so that I would not need to be put in a boot. I’m still intimidated of it and scared, probably unreasonably so, but I did it. I finished the first week and I am going to keep trying.

What is your NSV this week?



  1. I’ve gone without weighing for almost 2 weeks now, and I have learned I can trust myself to trust my eating choices without having to rely on the scale. Very liberating, and my NSV for the week!
    Gwen recently posted…Kickin’ it againMy Profile

  2. Great job with week 1 of C25K! Ugh! I remember how hard that week was for me! I couldn’t believe what a struggle it was to run for only a minute and a half straight! Now I’m running for a half hour straight! I think I might revisit that app because I quit before finishing. I wanted to keep running when it said to walk a bit, but I think that would have helped me with my speed, which needs improvement! Great job and stick with it! If you don’t have any injuries get in your way, you’ll be amazed at how running will get in your blood!
    Kristin recently posted…2014 Goals RevisitedMy Profile

  3. Awesome job! I absolutely loved using that app when I was training for my first 5k in the fall. I have my second one on Saturday, and I haven’t trained at all. Should be interesting! I hope you keep it up! :)
    Kristian recently posted…100 Happy DaysMy Profile

  4. Oh I remember my C25k week very clearly. I was so ashamed of myself that I would wear my baseball hat in hopes no one would see me running, or trying too. I didn’t make it to the end of my road without PEEING on myself. It was postpartum week 12. I though I could RUN. hahah. I made it though, but not with out struggling. Go slow and enjoy it.
    Janelle recently posted…I’m doing it! I make time.My Profile

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