Online dating update (or lack thereof)

I recently was asked how the online dating thing was going and it made me realize that I haven’t really shared too much about that here in awhile. Well, I haven’t updated in awhile because not much is really happening.

Currently there is only one man in my life, Henry. Sad maybe? lol

HenryandMeIt is frustrating. I put myself out there, but there hasn’t been too much interest as of late. Thinking about it all sometimes is depressing. No one wants to be alone forever, well I’m sure there are exceptions. In the future I hope to find someone and have a family, but it doesn’t look like that day is coming anytime soon.

You know what? That is ok. I have a great life. I have an amazing family, great friends, and a career. I work hard and maybe being in school for so long delayed me in the dating department, who knows. All I know is that I know what I have to offer and what I hope to find in a man and that I’m not going to settle.

Sometimes it is hard because in the back of my mind I worry about being left behind in a sort of way by my group of friends. I hosted another bridal shower for a friend this past weekend and I will definitely be the last of our group to be married. Soon they will all be having kids and I will be in a completely different stage of life. That makes me sad, but I know we will always be close. One day I will catch up.

Until I find Mr. Right, wherever he may be, I am continuing to focus on myself. I am focusing on my health and enjoying life. I’m not going to worry about it all. If it is meant to be then it is meant to be.



  1. Puppy love is the best anyway! :)
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  2. Aww, Katie, it’s tough out there in the dating world. But you have the right idea, focus on yourself and your health right now. Should someone come along, great! It will happen, hun!
    Des recently posted…Weekly recapMy Profile

  3. You are headed in the right direction, focusing on your well being.

  4. Hi Katie! Love is the most important thing. Loving yourself, your family, your friends… and of course sweet Henry!Much encouragement to you and I am happy for you that you have your priorities right where they ought to be. You are a strong hearted person and an inspiration!

  5. I don’t want to be one of those people that say that it will come when you least expect it….lol!! That statement always annoyed me. I met my husband online at a site called I met him when I was 29, and at the time I think I weighed over 500 pounds. We have been married now for almost 4 years. I say that to say that it is so worth the wait. You just keep putting yourself our there.

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  6. I thought I would be alone forever. I had to ask my husband out…and that didn’t work out the way I (emphasis on “I” here) wanted originally. Your day will happen! I truly feel that people who have the desire to love and be loved by a significant other are destined to do so.
    The waiting part, I admit does stink for now. However, you’re an accomplished woman, and that is more important I think. As you said: “All I know is that I know what I have to offer and what I hope to find in a man and that I’m not going to settle.” Which is WAY more important than…well, a LOT!
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