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I feel like this linkup has been around for forever now! Sometimes I debate on whether or not to keep it up. Even if it isn’t a linkup I think I would personally continue to take time to reflect on NSVs because I think they are important, but feel free to share your thoughts and let me know what you think!

I’m always hard on myself. I am a type A person in most areas of my life and I’m my harshest critic. I constantly get down on myself for my rate of weight loss or this and that, but then there are certain moments where I realize that I have made a significant change. In that moment I realize that I have come really far, even while I may not feel like it looking in the mirror.

Such a moment happened on my birthday this past Monday. Most Mondays I go to the gym for my class and some family members suggested that I skip that night and instead we could have a family party. I thought about it. In the past I totally would have opted for pizza or something and a delicious cake, but this year I simply told them that I couldn’t cancel. I wanted to start 28 on the right foot and wanted to keep my schedule. Instead I did have a BBQ with my family on Saturday and it was amazing. My mom even made her amazing homemade cupcakes that are my grandmother’s recipe, but the good thing about cupcakes is you can enjoy one and with the weight watchers recipe builder I know that one cupcake is 6 ww+ points.

It was such a different birthday in some regards. Being open about my health journey has helped me in many ways. For example, when my friends came over my house to celebrate my birthday they surprised me with that watermelon cake. It was delicious and everyone enjoyed it, but also so considerate that I have people around me who are supporting me in this journey and found a way to incorporate that into my celebration so that I would not be led too far astray.

So, is going to the gym on your birthday the most fun you can have? Haha, probably not. But I had a great night with friends there and felt great after. P, my trainer friend, even made me a mini chocolate peanut butter protein cake! My habits and routines are changing for the better. I can see it and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I have a long way to go, but I can tell that this year is going to be awesome already!

birthdayWhat was your NSV this week?



  1. I hope you keep the linkup going! I absolutely love being able to share every week and find new bloggers in the process!
    Kristian recently posted…Running a 10k – What the hell have I done?My Profile

  2. Your birthday sounds like it was wonderful. Way to be strong and stick to your goals/schedule!
    Ashley recently posted…Non-Scale VictoriesMy Profile

  3. Wow wonderful Birthday NSV for sure! Great job on getting it done on your birthday too!
    Des recently posted…NSV!My Profile

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! So proud of the way you started off your new year, and you got to be able to still celebrate with family :) I love that your trainer made you a healthy birthday dessert. I absolutely love Thursday’s NSV link-up, and so either way I would continue honoring that on Thursday’s. I think you have to do what is best for you. Sometimes we need to change things up :)
    Leslie recently posted…Day 3: Operation Lose 75 pounds without giving up corn dogs!!!My Profile

  5. Jonelle

    Happy birthday! Congratulations on keeping your habits! That’s a big deal. My NSV is buying an all summer pass at my gym, so I can start increasing the number of classes I take each week.

  6. Glad you had a great birthday! I saw that cake on Instagram and it look so yummy.
    Hilary recently posted…NSV Linkup: 3My Profile

  7. So glad you had such a great bday!! What a perfect way to spend it :)
    Kelly recently posted…NSV Thursday (on Friday!!)My Profile

  8. Happy Birthday! How thoughtful of your friends and trainer to help you out in that way. Holidays or celebrations are always so hard on my diet. I’m a sucker for all those yummy treats, but alternatives are always appreciated :)
    Mrs. K recently posted…Decisions, decisionsMy Profile

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